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How many cars does your family own? Does each person that has a drivers license have his or her own vehicle? This is the case in many American families. So, there could be upwards of 2, 3, or more vehicles in one household. This does not include that extra special car that dad has in the garage that he is working on to restore.

He has only been trying to restore that same car for 10 years with no noticeable improvement. If you have a home with a two-car garage, you know that not much more will fit in the garage but two cars. Or, you can put one car in the garage and use the other side for storage or hobbies.

These are all perfectly good reasons to need car storage. Car storage is something that people have needed for a long time, but more so lately. As the price of land gets higher, the buildings and structures that are built in the more populated areas are getting smaller.

This does not leave room for much storage in homes, apartments, condos and townhouses, let alone your vehicles. Some people find that they need car storage because they live in a large metropolitan city that does not accommodate much parking. A high rise might allow its residents to park a vehicle in their private parking lot, but what if you have more than one vehicle. Car storage might be the answer for you. Many large cities that offer self storage will offer some sort of car storage for its customers.

Some housing in larger cities offer no parking and street parking for your personal vehicle is out of the question. This is where car storage can come to the rescue again. Because the larger cities have public transportation, many residents do not own cars or only get them out for special occasions. Car storage is popular right now in the states of New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and some parts of California. All of these states have a high population density and people are looking for solutions to their small space problems. Self storage companies typically have some type of car storage available.

But that does not mean that all car storage is created equally. Car storage can be just a parking space designated for a specific customer or it can be more elaborate. For a self storage facility to offer car storage they must have the available space for the vehicles to park.

Some self storage facilities will offer storage units that cars can be parked in. These self storage units tend to be on the larger size and will have a garage type door that will allow for the vehicle clearance. Parking a vehicle inside will cost you more than just parking it outside. Sometimes you can find specialty car storage that involves a warehouse or large building that will house lots of vehicles.

The floor of the building is like an indoor parking lot, with ample room and lanes to park and remove vehicles. Because this is the most expensive type of car storage it will typically be a climate controlled building. Many car enthusiasts insist on excellent security, climate control and ample access hours, and they are willing to pay top dollar for such services. Car storage is out there if you find yourself needing more room in your garage or you live in a large city with no parking. Check with your local self storage about car storage.

They will be able to give you all the details of what their car storage entails.

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