Car Wash Car Jackings on the Rise

Well as if the car wash industry did not have enough to worry about being one of the top industries to hirer illegal aliens, now they are seeing a rise in car-jackings too? Does this mean if you go to a car wash someone will boost your car and throw you and your children onto the pavement at gunpoint?.Well the odds are that this might not actually happen to you, although studies show that those odds are changing fast? But why are people being car jacked at carwashes instead of at let's say 7-11 or the grocery store parking lot? Is it because car thieves like to steal clean cars with streaks down the side from a poor wash job? Is it because the illegal aliens are angry that they may lose their jobs as more and more carwashes get raided, so they are stealing cars to drive back home to Mexico?.Well some say it is and indeed in Scottsdale, AZ a man was carjacked and his car was found in a wash on an Indian Reservation.

In Memphis, TN a bunch of cars have been car jacked and they think it is MS-13 Gang Related. Perhaps citizens should be warned of this and stay away from carwashes, as not only do they hire illegal aliens and illegal immigrants, but it seems they are attracting the wrong elements and unsavory characters to their businesses. Play it safe, wash your own car if you can and consider this in 2006.

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