Challenger Dodge

The Challenger was the answer for Dodge in the car wars, when the Pony car was all the rage. The Challenger has a sporty look, sleek, and gives you that muscle car feel, look and spirit all wrapped up into one car. The new Challenger is coming out, that will be starting production in the year 2008 and if all goes well, will continue as it is a car that will give the driver a good feel about driving it, and a good ride at the same time, costing less to run than a large SUV would. Muscle cars are making a comeback and the Challenger Dodge is one of them.The Challenger is expected to be that of an LX model, but there is sure to be many that will be ordered, suped up with many of the luxuries that car owners want, such as the electric windows, the cd player, mag wheels and so on. This Challenger Dodge is a proposed solution to the problems that are plaguing many who are driving large cars that are also considered gas-guzzlers.

The Challenger Dodge is one that will have better highway miles, and one that will make the grade when it comes to traveling long distances or to climbing that long driveway.The engine for the Challenger Dodge has not yet been finalized or decided upon. There are a few options involving the engine.

It could be the Hemi or it could be the V6 or possibly Dodge is going to produce both. The final decision will be made in the coming months as the factory gears up to start producing the needs body parts and engines for the Challenger Dodge.The Challenger Dodge is a car that will have a long looking, larger than usual hood, with a short trunk lid. This is a replica or a similarity look of the Dodge Challenger from the late 1960's. While there are similarities, many things are different about the old challenger and the new challenger. The hood only seems larger and longer because of the use of the accessories.

The front overhang is going to be further.The side mirrors area placed back further from their usual positioning to create that longer look. The car is a little wider than most, and there are angles in the doors and in the side panels that give you the added illusion of a larger longer hood on the Challenger Dodge.The body of the car is not going to be fiberglass. The body of the Challenger Dodge is not going to be steel.

Actually the body is going to be made of carbon fiber which will give the car a better overall value for this day and age, when running gas down the highway. The carbon fiber is going to be a little lighter, not much, but a little bit.The wheelbase on the Challenger Dodge is wider, and the drop of the car in the front is a mere twenty inches up from the ground.

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By: Ove Marcelind

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