Gaskets are primarily used to stop fluid or gas leaks. They provide some sort of a barrier between two surfaces. It is important for the gasket to be able to maintain a seal even under pressure or changes in temperature. A number of gaskets are available today. There is a precut compression that is flat and extrudes, and there are also 'formed in place' and 'cured in place' gaskets. Some gaskets and forms of gasketing can also be used to shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials, so the manufacturing process of different gaskets varies. As a general rule, gaskets are made by simply cutting the right shape from the material that can be anything from paper, silicone, rubber, metal, fiber glass, plastic polymer and felt. Some gaskets can also contain asbestos, when necessary.How does a gasket work?.A gasket is designed primarily to fit between two machine parts.

It is compressed between two objects so that it fills the microscopic spaces, creating a seal in the process.This seal will prevent liquid, dirt and gas forms from entering the space between components. The stronger the compression, the better the gasket works.

Inadequate pressure on the seal will make the gasket slide around and open up for other contaminants to enter. This is why a hot compression test is used to determine if a particular gasket can withstand pressure.By keeping these enclosures free of dirt and contaminants, the gasket allows the machinery to last longer, provide a steady performance and work faster and more efficiently.

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