How To Increase Your Fuel Economy And Save Money By Using Cruise Control Properly

Looking to cruise but without the high cost? It may not be the vacation you imagined, but recent tests have shown that using the cruise control function on your car can help you reduce your fuel expenses. Cruise control ensures that a driver maintains a common, steady speed while on the road, helping to eliminate much of the stopping and starting that unnecessarily burns up expensive fuel. With gasoline prices rising across the country, using cruise control is a simple, effective, economical way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce out of pocket expenses. But despite its advantages, cruise control isn't for everyone and isn't for all roads. It's best for open city driving, preferably flat roads, without hills where there's little need for a driver to stop and go. Using cruise control ensures that a driver maintains a consistent speed, helping to improve gas mileage and overall safety on the road, as the need to put on the brakes is lessened.

When tested, a Land Rover LR3 got close to 14 percent better mileage when using cruise control on the highway than it did when the driver adjusted the car speed manually. This test shows how the use of cruise control can impact a car's efficiency. Don't fear if you're one of those drivers who can't necessarily utilize cruise control because your commute isn't as straightforward.

There are still simple ways you can maximize your fuel efficiency, one of which involves anticipating the flow of traffic. Try to predict where the starts and stops during your travels will be and adjust your driving speed accordingly. For example, if you get stopped at light, it's likely you'll also be stopped at the following one. Speeding your car up to try and beat it will, more often than not, only result in you getting stopped at the following light and needing to brake fast.

Being mindful of such situations and react appropriately to reduce fuel waste. It's also important to follow the posted speed limit, as it's been known to translate into more green lights and less wear on your brakes. Driving your vehicle in the highest gear possible can also make a difference in the economy of your car. When your car runs in a high gear, the engine turns more slowly, reducing how many explosions occur in the cylinders. The fewer explosions that happen, the less fuel that is used.

On average, the savings on gas due to this increase in efficiency are 7 percent. This may seem pretty small, but the savings in fuel expenses are big. Cruise control can help steer you to better mileage and improved fuel efficiency.

Finally, good reasons to sit back and relax.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a car care products at

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