How To Pinstripe Your Car

There are different methods of pinstriping and depending upon what level of sophistication you are seeking in the pinstripe you may or may not want to seek professional help. Personally, I would recommend having it done by a professional, it isn't that expensive and it lasts a long time. Generally pinstripes are used to accent or highlight the lines of the vehicle and in most cases two colors will be used to achieve this with one complimenting the actual body color of the vehicle and another to call attention to the stripe itself.

As with any application one may be placing on their vehicle you wan to be doubly sure that the surface to which the pinstripe is to be applied is perfectly clean. Be sure to use some kind of surface prep product that will remove any dirt and oils. If you are striping a long vehicle like a truck or van it is probably best to go with a mechanical pinstripe machine as it will keep the width consistent all the way down. If you are looking for a layered look using many different colors you will probably want to go with stencil tape because it will allow you to place multiple stripes and colors without having to stop and wait for each layer to drive.

Pinstriping a vehicle freehand requires a steady hand, a good eye and plenty of experience but will usually give the best results. Just like having your vehicle painted, if you choose this method choose someone who can show you pictures of jobs they have done. The really good ones will have a photo album and be proud to show your wotk they have done for previous clients.

When this method is used and performed by and experienced professional it is sometimes difficult to tell that striping tape was used and not paint. Pinstriping can be that extra little touch that will make your car stand out from others, think about it that is why so many car dealers are big believers in pinstripes. They improve the look of the car and draw one's eye to it which results in a sale. You can use the same methods to draw attention to your car.

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