Hydrogen Hurdles Hurting Hypothetical History

Many folks want hydrogen cell cars now because that would surely break America's addiction to foreign Middle Eastern Oil indeed. In fact we would need very little oil from overseas in that case. Just think a future history of a hydrogen economy makes a lot of sense doesn't it? But not so fast say research scientists as there are some hurdles hurting this forward progress of this technology.There are still hurdles to Hydrogen for instance the heat the produce in conversion and the issues we already have with Urban Heat from all the concrete in our cities.

Super Storm issues. That in its self could heat up areas over land masses significantly causing storms to reach higher altitudes and greater intensity.Hydrogen is also difficult to store and cooling of compressed hydrogen takes energy too.

Hydrogen collection with current technologies is not free really, costs money to collect and separate out. If the hydrogen sits in your fuel tank for three days it could leak as much as 50% and then you would have less fuel because the hydrogen all escaped from seeping out of your fuel tank.Storage of hydrogen will not be so easy either because it must be kept very cold. These are just some of the issues that research scientists are working through right now and will eventually get it all figured out, but consider it a longer term goal for about 10-20 years or so.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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