I Want to Do Truck Wash CleanOuts to Make Money

Have you ever seen that show on TV; The Most Dirtiest Jobs in America? Well, I have one for you and one that I have been involved with. And that is the washouts on the trailers of 18 Wheelers.You see trucks haul all kinds of things and each time the truck is reloaded it needs to be cleaned out. For instance it might haul chickens from South Carolina to California.

Then it will load strawberries and drive them to New York or Boston. Then it will load fish or lobsters and go back to California and then fill up with avocados and drive them to Atlanta, where it will pick up peaches and drive them to Chicago. Do you see the problem so far; imagine buying a box of peaches that smelled like strawberries, chicken crap and fish?.Not only that but there are also health codes that have to do with the hauling of agricultural products, poultry and fish.It is mandatory that these trucks be cleaned out before they are reloaded and for that reason depending on the market you can charge up to $30 and a very efficient crew can clean five to six trailers or more each hour.

You can see why this is one of the most dirtiest jobs in America, but why such a simple job could be lucrative and a good business to start if you're considering the business of your own.It is a simple business and does not require much equipment, but you will need a pressure washer, water tank and a trailer and you'll have to get in good with some of the local produce haulers and truck terminals. Perhaps you can consider this in 2006 if you are looking for business to make Money.


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By: Lance Winslow

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