Mobile Auto Detailing and Truck Washing Combination Businesses

If you own a mobile car wash or auto detailing business then perhaps you have considered what to do in the Winter Time where you live when it is downpouring rain or totally covered in snow. It is rather hard to detail cars in the snow and no one wants a car wash if God is doing it for free or if you are just going to spray snow off the car and turn it to ice. After all the last thing a property management company wants to see is a portable ice maker in their parking lot and people slip sliding away to the local slip and fall lawyer with paper work in hand for the courthouse the next day, that is for sure.Recently a gentleman told me; I know a few dozen Landscape companies that have trucks, equipment and for a small fee, they are out on the road with clean trucks and making a good impression.I also know of two general contractors that have their trucks detailed at least once a year if not more.

I can see the slow time would be the winter, but we do have a large garage that we can work out of if there are clients that need these services in the winter months.Yes, these types of small businesses have lots of vehicles they make Excellent customers too. Fleet truck washing can definitely help an auto detailing or car washing business get thru the Winter Months and stay business and this makes a lot of sense. Contractors and Landscape business all need to keep their trucks clean, good points all of them. Well then, perhaps you should consider this in 2006? .

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