Satisfy Your Need For Speed With Ford Cobra

According to its aficionados, The Ford Cobra is taunted to as the best produced Mustang ever. Those who are speed freaks would be satisfied with the Ford Cobra because of its overwhelming engine that would prompt their immediate approval. This beast-looking car is revved up with a 4.6-liter DOHC V-8 engine.

It has an aluminum cylinder with a big cast iron block. These specs have dramatically upgraded the performance of the already awesome engine of 2001 Mustang that produces 320 horsepower. Its secret lies within its supercharger. The intercoolers installed are credited to increase the hp to a very overwhelming 390. The torque has also increased from 317 lb.

-ft to an almost unconvincing 390 lb.-ft. The highlight of Ford Cobra is its overwhelming road performance. This multi-faceted car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. The interesting thing about Ford Cobra is that it is cheaper compared to other car in its class and its speed is way too irresistible.

With the Ford Cobra's powerful speed rev up, it would surely be the reason its fanatics will get one of it. The Ford Cobra though is not all power - it is about beauty and smooth handling as well. And this is most evident in its interiors and vital parts.

Like a true hardcore racer, the Ford Cobra features metal pedals and titanium-cased gauges. The drive shaft is made of aluminum and produces smooth shifting. The seats are all trimmed with leather for a snug and comfortable fit. It performs better in the road as Ford Cobra make use of Goodyear F1 tires mounted on 17 inch cast-aluminum wheels.

The performance of these tires has been renowned for driving through circuitous corners at moderate speed. For an easy slowdown, it employs 13-inch Brembo front disc brakes and 11.65 rear discs. One can choose the Ford Cobra either a coupe or a convertible. The good thing about Ford Cobra that makes it different from other Mustangs is its tough exterior appearance which includes the side skirts, front fascia and decklid. One can find in its front hood the flow-through that vent prevents overheating.

The Ford Cobra comes in either a coupe or convertible. What distinguish the Ford Cobra from other Mustangs are the aggressive exterior features which include the side skirts, front fascia and decklid. The front hood features a flow-through vent to prevent overheating. The Ford Cobra is not perfect of course. Amidst its powerful engine, slick exterior and smooth interior are little flaws.

For one, it is not as refined as its much more sophisticated and expensive cousins such as the Porsche 911 or the BMW 540i. In the end, the Ford Cobra's price is probably its biggest strength. Costing just above the $34,000 mark, the Ford Cobra is definitely a steal.

And if you want to soup it up a little, the Ford Cobra can be with a rear spoiler, chrome wheels and a limited edition Mystichrome appearance for just a few bucks more. Ones Ford Cobra experience would not be complete without Ford Cobra key chain. It comes in different style that still has its rugged charm.

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