The Type of Dents Appropriate for Paintless Dent Repair

When it comes to paintless dent repair many people may be unsure as to whether or not their dent warrants such dent repair service. That is, they may not know if the type of dent they have suffered can be "healed" with paintless dent repair. Such a concern is understandable as no one wants to have the wrong repair work attempted. In general, however, this type of dent repair can be utilized to deal with all manners of dents.

For example, if the dent inflicted on a car is the result of a hail storm some may wonder if paintless dent repair would be appropriate. (This may result from a lack of familiarity with hail damage) The answer to this question is: of course! In fact, hail storm related dents are among the common reasons why people take their cars into a paintless dent repair service. Yet, there will be those consumers who are unsure if these types of dents warrant paintless dent repair services. Of course, it goes without saying that it is important not to make decisions on your own. An "uneducated eye" can not ascertain whether or not a paintless dent repair service can or can not correct a dent. To make your own assessment would not be the right course of action to take if you are not a qualified repair specialist.

If you dismiss the potential for paintless dent repair to correct the damage the consumer will end up shelling out far more money than is necessary. Instead of making an uneducated assessment on your own it is far better to leave such decisions to the experts. After all, their decisions will be based on knowledge and not 100% pure guesswork. Yes, there will be instances where paintless dent repair will not be possible.

If the dent is too deep or too extensive then it will not be possible to perform this type of repair work. If deep scratches are present then paintless dent repair will be impossible as well. (Scratches often require repainting) But, if the dent is minor or not too deep then employing paintless dent repair work will be acceptable and effective. Of course, such decisions need to be left to the dent repair specialist and not the consumer! After all, one needs an educated eye in order to arrive at the proper decision as to which procedure will work. Ultimately, it is important to seek the best and most cost effective path first before arriving at a decision.

If the paintless dent repair specialist can not perform the work they can provide an alternative procedure. However, if you select traditional auto body work without checking to see if this type of dent repair can be performed then you will end up shelling out far more money than necessary. Obviously, examining whether or not the lower cost repair method can be performed first would make significantly better fiscal sense. Keeping you budget under control extends to all budgets. This includes car repair budgets as well. Keep that in mind!.

Paul Fountain is a certified Paintless Dent Technician and a web advisor for To learn more about Paintless Dent Repair please visit PDQ

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