Tips For Defensive Driving

I want to go over 13 simple tips that can help you become a better driver these tips should have been taught to you in drivers training but yet it still seems people don't use them. Defensive driving tip number 1.The first thing you should do ever 3-7 days is check you tire pressure this will take you about 2-4 minutes.

While checking the pressure you should look at your tread. If the tread is low this could cause many problems especially as higher speeds if your tread is low and your tire pressure is low you are looking for a trip to the side of the road. 2. Clean your windows and mirrors if you use lenses clean them to. It is obvious that this could reduce or inhibit you from changing lanes and seeing your blind spot.

As a plus you car will appear cleaner. 3. Check your fluid levels weekly by checking your oil,water,transmission fluid and glass cleaner fluid you are maintaining your car and this will make the life of you car a lot longer plus it will give you less problems. I'm sure you check you gas level unless you almost on empty and are afraid to look at the gauge. 4. Usually unless someone else drives your car or you have loose bolts or hinges you don't have to worry about this but make sure you steering column, mirrors, and seat are in a good driving position for you.

Defensive Driving tip number 5. Check to see if your car has anti lock brakes or not, you should do this because depending on weather conditions and the type of braking system you have you will have to apply the brake pedal differently. 6. If possible do not drive while under emotional stress such as anger, extreme sadness,or any other emotion that will take you focus off driving. Also do not drive under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

7. Be courteous to other drivers. Basically I'm not saying let the line of 25 cars out of the parking lot but if you can make a space for someone trying to get in why not do it, if you were in there shoes or car wouldn't you want to be let in or whatever. 8.

Always prepare your self for different traffic conditions and weather conditions, check the weather forecast before you leave. Defensive Driving tip number 9. Keep all documents that should be in the car in the car.

10. Always use your turn signals to let others know what your going to do before you do it. If you blinkers are not working the only place you should be going is to a mechanic or auto parts store to repair them remember to take someone with you to use hand signals. 11.

Make sure you have all loose object secured. I have had a family member get seriously injured because there daughters lunch box slide under the pedal on the highway, they were both in the hospital for weeks. 12.

Check your cars gauges before moving but after starting the vehicle. 13. This is the mother of all defensive driving tips fasten your seat belt.

All driver should take a defensive driving course it help you in so many ways the one way it help me is it reduced my insurance rate but if you have points on your license it can reduce those also.

Emmanuel Aubrey is a defensive driver trying to convince every one else to to the same for more information on Defensive Driving Courses Visit Defensive Driving or

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