Water Gas The solution for our looming fuel crisis

So yeah, I had read the news about the ever increasing oil prices and how we need to look into alternative fuel sources. As of late, we have experienced an event, which we thought would of been impossible - $100+ dollars for a barrel of Light Sweet Crude Oil. This crude oil, which powers our automobiles to get us from point a to point b. is tearing a hole in our pocket, and the only thing that is benefitting from this situation is big oil! Exxon, BP, and Citgo are reporting record profits So are you going to put up with getting gouged, and suffering from the side effects of world events that are out of your control? Do you want to pay over three, maybe four dollars a gallon? I really cannot afford to pay for gas as it is! I had made the mistake of getting an SUV, which does 10 miles to the gallon, but now I am paying the ultimate price.

At the time, I had thought of obtaining an hybrid, such as a Honda Insight or a Toyota Prius. Both cars have a great mileage of nearly 50 miles per gallon on them, and are cheap for fuel overall. Considering the fact, that both cars have a huge waiting list, and that when you get to finally have the car, after possibly 3-6 months, pay a premium to obtain a high demand car.

Well, there happens to be an alternative solution here. Do you have to get a new car? Not really! You can pretty much use the same car that you currently own! If you feel squeamish about using this in your nice new luxury car, try it out on your neighbor's car when they are not looking! Ok, I just was kidding on that part. Buy a cheap junker to test if you will, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Anyway, the alternative solution is called Water4Gas. It is an ebook which explains how to build an HHO generator with common household items, and a few cheap parts from either the auto parts store or hardware store. The author, Ozzie, who happened to write the ebook, made the book easy to read, and the well illustrated. The step by step instruction to find the parts needed, complete assembly and installation couldn't have been done better. If you are looking into an alternative source for fueling your car, or just want to maximize the economy of your car, please have a look at his Water4Gas books!.

You can find the Ozzie's bookshere!

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